Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review of Wanted: Dead or Undead, by Angela Scott

I was lucky enough to find Angela on twitter a while ago, and so have been hearing about her new novel for awhile. Which means I have been forced to WAIT for its unveiling...but my waiting finally paid off, because Angela gave me an advanced reader copy to check out and review! Woo Hoo! Here are my thoughts...

I should probably preface this review by warning you that I don't care for Westerns, or Zombies. The fascinating thing about this, is that Angela Scott has managed to combine them into a story that I absolutely LOVE! I had so much fun reading this book, and somehow couldn't wait to find out what happens next while hating that each page was bringing me closer to the end of it (is the sequel out yet? when can I read THAT?! Pant, Pant, Pant)

Some of my favorite aspects of Ms. Scott's writing are as follows:

1. Ever read a story and find yourself wondering, Do these people ever eat? Don't they have to go to bathroom? Ugh, wouldn't you STINK after that, and desperately want a bath? Eww, why would you let that go in your mouth?! Wouldn't their clothes be filthy and they'd need fresh ones? So many authors ignore the fact their characters are human, with human needs and issues, but Angela Scott remembers to take care of her character's basic needs, and since I am a stickler for the "unanswered questions" conundrum a reader often faces, I LOVE that she gives us these realistic details, and answers each of the questions I've posed! It makes me better able to identify with the characters and their humanity.

2. These characters are FUNNY. I stopped counting how many times I giggled, chuckled, or snorted throughout this book.

3. Questions are posed, and NOT ALL are answered...yet. Some things are revealed, enough to keep me going "Oh, OF COURSE!" but the story of Red, Trace, Wen, is not finished, so I am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series. (panting eagerly, again)

4. The originality of the plot- I know it's been said by everyone else too, but c'mon- ZOMBIES and the OLD WEST?! It's genius, complete genius.

5. The Chapter Names. I really like when chapters are named, not just numbered, and the chapter names in this case definitely strike my interest. I think, "Oooh, Lavender? How's Angela going to work that into the story?" And voila, she does!

So buy this book already. You'll laugh, you'll say "Eww" and laugh some more, you'll root for Red and Trace and their blossoming attraction, you will definitely want to know more about zombie infants, and mean Doctors who try to use their patients as science experiments.

Here is the link to purchase your own copy-

Peace and Zombies!

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