Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perfection and Lies, a.k.a. Using Photoshop

So the first is a picture of myself unedited from the original except for cropping, and small amount of smoothing of skin. 

Second picture is me with a digital nose job and even more smoothing.

Which is funny, because I think my nose looks more like the second image in real life, but in pictures, weird angles and "flaws" are captured, and I seem to have my Italian grandmother's large beak (Thanks, Grandma! :D )

Anyways, I thought it was interesting how I've come to recognize basically every professional picture any of us see now days in any media image has been altered. Think your favorite celebrity is "perfect?" Not even close, baby!

As a graphic designer and artist, it's my job to do this stuff. But I hope I never lose sight that beauty comes in many shapes and forms, and to stay proud of my real and darling shnozzy nose. Not only does it suit me just fine, but it works very well...I can detect odors with practically superhuman ability! :D


  1. I like the first picture better! <3

    And I sometimes wish I knew how to put makeup on....and actually like wearing it! LOL

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)

    1. aww, thanks Jamie! :) Makeup is a lot like requires a lot of practice, and every brand and kind applies and works differently....I've been practicing since I was 4! LOL I actually wanted to be a makeup artist, but no one would give me loans to go to school for that ;) I don't think people "need" makeup, but it sure is fun to play with a blank canvas and see how many ways we can be transformed!

  2. I think that even as we use the amazing finesse of photoshop, it's incredibly important to distinguish the final product of a touch-up session with the real beauties of real life. Glad you're keeping it in perspective. :)