Sunday, February 5, 2012


 Sometimes I get this idea that life would be better if it had a soundtrack. A trip to the grocery store would become infinitely more interesting if accompanied by a banging drum solo while checking out the produce, and a guitar riff a la Eric Clapton could help me choose just the right cereal or yogurt- the possibilities are endless.
 I made a mixed tape the other day. Ok, technically it's a burned CD off my itunes playlist, but I'm a child of the 80's and we made mixed tapes, so that's what I still call them. I was listening to said CD tape on my way to work and started imagining scenes from my book. The music was creating a mood and sense of drama for the characters in a totally new, totally AWESOME way! With elbows on the wheel, I grabbed my handy notebook and started furiously jotting down ideas.
 Once I finalize this little side project, (who said procrastinators never get things done? We are the hardest working people on the planet!) I will post the song/scene list. It will be a read-and-listen combo that will Blow. Your. Mind.
 Seriously. At the very least, you'll get an ear worm as a bonus!

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