Saturday, January 7, 2012

Forgoing sleep for the intoxicating effects of writing

I was planning on going to bed about 2 hours ago. Then I opened my laptop. I checked facebook, email, other email, facebook again, then twitter, then a few blogs, then back to twitter, then a site advertising a fantasy/fiction short story contest. Of course I decided I was going to fool around with an idea for a story and see what I could come up with. A whirlwind ensued, and out came an 1,845 word short story about a Faerie who goes to a village to wreak havoc on the Humans, and instead encounters something much more frightening.
Of course, I am now so in love with my story, and so wound up that I just had to dance a crazy jig with my poor dog as an unwitting dance partner in the kitchen! I will post my story within the next week after I submit the final draft to the contest, and of course, post a link once it is opened for voting! Which is where you, the reader, comes in....
I hope you will love Destra as much as I have begun to, and can begin to imagine the hijinks she has gotten herself into now!

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